The mattress is probably 2-3 inches thick. I am a 13 year old guy. The combination of both layers helps ease your body into a comfortable but supported position. However, finding lasting comfort nowadays is a real challenge. Get notified of the new sleep innovations and our favorite sleep products. Horrible hard and very thin not even worth what I bought it for, I got the mattress I was highly disappointed. Arrived on time, white glove service, and the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Over all I would never recommend this mattress nor would I by it if I knew what I know about it now. Smells like I'm sleeping in an open can of paint. I returned the bed and mattress. When it comes to sleeping cool, both the Serta Perfect Sleeper and Sealy Posturepedic collections do a pretty good job of preventing heat retention. I did not buy this mattress from Amazon, but decided I would comment on it here after I did buy it. I bought this knowing I wanted a mattress with a plush top. Serta has three different models of a mattress as well, but purpose rather than type divides their beds. Both companies have plenty of ways for you to try out different styles of their mattress before buying. The base model is an affordable option that gives you both the contouring foam and the coils. It did have a slight crease for the first few days. UPS had to help me in the door with it on a dolly. This bed is amazing. reviewed on Dec 05, 2018 Purchased Sealy Posturepaedic from Harvey Norman, Warwick,QLD in March 2016. Unpacking was a two man job and we unpacked it right on the frame.This mattress does not sink much when you lay on it and reminds me very much of quality mattresses of years past (prior to pillowtop.) Wound up going with the Structures by Malouf HIGHRISE Folding Metal Bed Frame 14" High Bi-Fold Platform Bed Base, KING and didn't even need plywood or anything. I love it even more because my husband wakes up earlier than me and I never ever feel him moving or getting up before me. Sealy mattresses are good for maintaining the perfect body contouring. In our opinion, the winner brand is Serta because of its more extended warranty and the endorsement of The National Sleep Foundation. I HAVN'T BEEN ABLE TO SAY THAT FOR 2 YEARS. This was the worse mistake ever. He stated that the adjustable base was broken. This part of my Serta vs Sealy review is dedicated to the construction.. I've had this mattress for 3 weeks now and I am not happy. I would not recommend this set at all it is extremely too soft. 30 35mm sag is deemed to be normal in their terms. Second, there’s enough variety for you to find both a type of mattress and a firmness option that suits your specific needs. I let my mattress straighten out for around 5 hours, and by that time the mattress was completely flat and much softer. I had the luxury of testing it at my parent's home first. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. The competing company? Also, even after airing it out for a week, it does still have a noticeable plastic smell. Notice: Disagreements ranged from those that had heat retention and firmness issues to durability problems. 0 New Sealy vs. Serta Mattress Comparison 2020. After spending hours researching this mattress, I came to the conclusion that this is similar to the Serta I-comfort and about 1/4 - 1/3 of the price. We priced similar beds at retail stores and they cost $1200. This was a perfect purchase. This site uses cookies. Both companies have factories located in the United States although they do have factories in other parts of North America. They called us often to update us on a time and they were in and out and made sure everything was perfect. Serta vs Sealy vs Tempurpedic Vs DynastyMattress. Have a cabin where the bed room temp is around 60 in the winter. I opened the sliding door to let natural air in and seemed to be kind of gone by the evening. Ughhh! Sealy is part of a publicly traded conglomerate, Tempursealy, who owns brands such as Tempur-Pedic and Stearns and Foster. Our new mattress is comfortable beyond words and so much lighter than the Tempurapedic we had before for many years. Climb into a cold bed is more like climbing onto a piece of plywood. Whatever you put this on will be fine for a bed which means you can make a pretty cool artistic platform beds, or set it on a board or cinder blocks or whatever and as long as there is a flat surface directly under the mattress, the feel will be the same as if you used expensive box springs. Mattress Brand Comparison: Sealy Vs. Serta. I ordered this mattress online. The third place goes to Sealy with a score of 6.00. We all want a mattress that lasts 10 years or more, and when our mattress causes us back pain after only a few months, we feel terrible. Each of them comes with a price that is comparable to the other competitors in its class. You have to let this bed have a break in period. What I do find is as you sleep on it and it warms up it gets softer. The other benefit of reducing motion transfer is preserving the integrity of the mattress surface. This was a good buy. Opening the box in another room will create a lot of unnecessary work for you.The instructions said it would take about 24 hours to completely assume its proper shape and size. We also enjoy the different models of Serta and how the mattresses are divided by purpose rather than solely by mattress type. Old mattresses forced your body to conform to the surface of the bed, causing pain, pinched nerves, and pressure point stress. This bed is exactly as advertised and feels identical the the I-comfort we tried in the store. Macy's had the Serta line of beds and I liked them much more than the others that were there. I hope you will bear with me. Simmons is … It come in a big box compressed so you will want to get it upstairs on the bedframe before you open it up and let it absorb all the air around. Love it so far.I've had it for a few days and wish i would have done it a bit sooner.maybe is just me coming off an old futon but it's definatly plush but still firm. Read this Beautyrest VS Sealy Mattress article to find out the answer. Serta offers plenty of soft and medium options that cradle side sleepers and keeps everything supported without putting pressure on places like the shoulders. I had read a lot of reviews before purchasing this mattress and I am so glad I did. Serta. Your email address will not be published. They both are known for making high-quality mattresses. No achy back from this mattress! First off I'm a bigger guy who is a furnace in bed with lower back probIems. I am 6'3'' and weigh 220 pounds. The support layer has gel infused material that helps prevent heat from getting trapped in the core of the mattress. Had to take a $125.00 restocking fee and a $50.00 re delivery fee. The one caveat is - the mattress says it's Serta but it's not really. I am pleased to say this is entirely gone with this mattress.I normally like a very soft squishy mattress and when you first sit or lay on this bed (especially if it's a bit cold) it's very firm. Sadly, Sealy's selection has some mixed reviews when it comes to support. Not as much as an inner spring but not was it was when i first got it well to top it of on the first week of april I called the store where I got it and told them it was sinking and sure enough a tech came and siad it has sunk 3/4 of an inch in less then a month so they gave me the option of getting another one or one for greater or lesser value. This mattress not only held my weight stiffly but it is super comfortable and probably the best mattress I have ever used. Mattress & furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. Now im sleeping like a baby and glad I could change it. All in all it was a good experience and saved a new home owner a lot of money. If you want the chance to lay on some of their mattress types, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to find one in a store near you. Sealy vs Serta strives to provide consumers with the right information to make informed purchasing decisions. I waited to review this poduct because I heard that these type of beds need to be broken in before you can have a real good nights sleep. Against Sealy, both have significant complaints. I sweat all night long and wake up drenched. Sealy vs Serta Summary. This is a great mattress! You can also order the mattress that Serta makes for specific hotel partners. Some of the cheapest mattresses for Sealy start at about $500 for an innerspring queen mattress and move up to about $1500 for some of their top of the line hybrid and memory foam queens. Let’s take a look at a few differences now. You can always choose the firmness level between the firm, ultra-firm, cushion firm, plush and ultra-plush. Here’s why. Temperature Level. This isn’t just any matchup. There was a slight odor of chemical, but it wasn't that bad. Now traditional mattresses are almost always made in a similar way – a series of springs, either opening coiled or individually pocketed, are wrapped inside a fabric outer shell. Both are fairly old, Sealy dating back more than a hundred and thirty years and Serta more than eighty. We received this mattress packed in its box and we took it to the bed and unboxed it accordingly to the instructions. Plus it wasn't comfortable because it was hot. My fiance is a belly sleeper and the softening would cause her minor back aches but she had liked the softness and comfort too. Sealy vs Serta Mattress Comparison Unsure if a Sealy or Serta bed is the right new mattress for you? It is the most firm of the 3 Optimum model mattresses. I have a bad leg and need surgery from a injury 40 some years ago while in the military and this mattress is a GOD sent for my back as well. This helped make it softer and provided some relief for my husband from the heat retention.If I had to buy another mattress, I would buy this one again. The middle layers can be customized for three different firmness levels. Then we called Serta to ask about it and they said they sold the rights to Sleep Innovations to make the mattress and use their logo to help sell it. It is definitely plush and not a firm mattress. iComfort. They operate many showrooms or are located in different mattress stores across the country. The mattress is very good. I have had this mattress for a year. Anyway, since it is a different review, I’m afraid I have to repeat most things I’ve said about Serta. Durability issues don't happen to everyone, but if your focus is long term comfort, consider taking a look at our list of top rated mattresses for competitive alternatives. Customer service representatives also appear to be located within the United States. There was no smell that a lot of other customers spoke of. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. We have been sleeping on this bed for about 3 months now and we can feel the difference from the traditional mattress we had prior. Isolating motion also helps keep the surface flat so both partners can take full advantage of the contouring of the top layers. I like the memory foam mattresses, but my old one is an ancient coil bed, so MF is kinda new to me and the TP $ feels like a commitment. Now onto the actual mattress...It's definitely pretty firm. Product Comparison: Sealy Posturepedic vs Serta Elite Plush 700. I am very disappointed with the quality of this bed. Helpful Resources Finding a supportive mattress can be a struggle. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. I’m 5’8” and weigh 175. Highly recommended and I will write another review after a few more weeks along with an updated video of it. Your email address will not be published. Very dissapointing! The monthly payments are highly affordable. I am a side sleeper exclusively. They got softer and more expensive as I went up the line. The mattress is quite firm but I still go right to sleep as soon as I lay down whereas that was not happening on my old mattress. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. With saying that, it is still a good height if not on the ground. Started to sag really badly in the middle after 5 or 6 months. If your partner is a total beast during the night and can’t seem to find a comfortable position without tossing and turning a thousand times, a mattress that reduces motion transfer is essential. Over the years, they have been most famous for their Posturepedic brand that focused on zoned support. I prefer a firm mattress and have only slept on box springs my whole life. The first bed that came did not open up all the way and was basically a taco. This thing is HORRIBLE.Main complaints:*Stiff as a board.. No matter the temperature (they claim your body temperature will fix it as it heats up)*Stinks of chemicals. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the vast range of options in mattress showrooms, we understand. Kirsten VerHaar. Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Sealy and Serta as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. It is the worst purchase I have ever made in my life! The mattress was delivered today, its smaller (in thickness) than the box springs. I bought the double and it worked so well that when I bought a king bedroom set I decided to buy the bigger exact same mattress in king size. There are three models in this line. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. There’s a lot to keep up with, so here’s a quick list to keep in mind. I don't know what we were thinking when buying a foam mattress. Edge support is vital for the structural integrity of the bed. I have a tender back and don't wish to sleep on a tender mattress. The review given above is well detailed and should give you an insight into what makes each of the mattresses discussed above to stand out. Serta is in the same price range. It does not wiggle when I get out of bed at night. I HAD LAID IT ON A SHEET AND WE WERE ABLE TO MOVE IT EASILY TO THE OTHER ROOM. Buy Sealy Buy Serta. Although both ranges offer some similar features, they are also distinctly different in construction and overall feel. Sealy has paid attention to edge support over time, but softer mattresses (especially foam options) may not be supportive enough along the edges for all sleepers. They make an ideal choice for side sleepers, back or stomach. I have already recommended it several times. Serta is a very popular brand. I am currently sleeping on a Serta mattress, which is a big improvement to the futon I was sleeping on. The mattress is firm, but comfortable, and is an extremely good value for the price. Like the Serta Perfect Sleeper brand, Sealy Posturepedic mattress brands are long-lasting and have 10-year warranties. I have slept just fine for the past week and no complaints of back pain or any pain in the AM. The full size mattress is really comfortable. Serta. The warranty terms and conditions doesnt justify for claims. Wish I would of known that back then. Cheap & cheerful... or so I thought. Let us begin this Serta vs. Simmons comparison. There’s also a range of firmness levels from soft to firm for both companies. It looks much thicker in the picture. Bought this mattress after trying out several different foam beds at various stores. The price of it is unbelievably low, I recall we paid $2,000.00 for our old mattress over 15 years ago.Maria & Ted Phillips. You can choose innerspring models, hybrid models, and all memory foam models. sealy is a trash company that makes trash products. I am impressed so far. I've had no problems with this and now realize there is a HUGE difference between toppers and a real memory foam mattress.First off, this thing weighs a lot, nearly 100 lbs. If you’re a heavier couple, you’ll be better off with Winkbeds Plus or a mattress like Ghostbed that’s rated for up to 750 pounds. If long term comfort is an essential, consider taking a look at our list of top rated mattress for competitive alternatives. She wanted me to go under the bed to get a box to reset the base. I'm sleeping much better through the night and wake with less back/hip pain. The price range of both is also very similar. If you buy this, don't plan on staying out of it for long. Serta has some excellent hybrid options that reduce motion transfer and still offer bounce. Review our, not endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation, mattresses divided by purpose (for example, cooling). To begin with its a 3 inch mattress. The image on this product is completely misleading. Who is commenting? Skip the foam it's not worth it! Every time I move it hurts. The layer or layers of contouring on both styles of mattresses give way to your curves and gently conform to your body rather than the other way around. I can't imagine the hassle to pack it up to return it, so after a week of suffering, we bought a 4-inch memory foam topper, which has helped tremendously. I really like it. The iComfort delivers a seriously cooling sleep to those who tend to sleep very hot and sweaty. If you are larger or are looking for something supportive, one of these mattresses may provide initial comfort, but do a last check on the mattress specifications and return policies before purchasing. You should have no problems if you have a complaint or an issue with one of their mattresses. The bed felt as warm or a bit warmer as a spring mattress with a topper on it but a lot less hotter than a memory foam without gel. this don't make me happy... so it looks like I have to spend more money and get a new one...i just spoke with a Amazon rep. and he told me that the return window was only a few weeks from purchase... so i waited as asked and now i can't return this item...I to me seems like i was told to wait so that they didn't have to return this item!!!!! It uses TempActiv technology, a proprietary cooling material that wicks heat away from the body and helps prevent it from being reflected onto the body. Will keep everyone updated. Stearns is the only available option in between. Some sleepers have had problems with feel and durability over a shorter than average time. Both companies offer a wide range of beds, but each one has a layer of contouring followed by a layer of support. It was soft enough to be comfortable and fall asleep in easily. See how it all works here. Though many feel comfortable at first, some sleepers found these mattresses not to be as durable over the long term. Our sleep is a lot better, we no longer feel sore, and we don't notice each other's movement during the night. If you can’t quite handle the full cost of your mattress and accessories, both companies have financing options. It is a great mattress. Sealy offers a wide range of mattress options, including all foam, innerspring, and pocketed coil type mattresses. I usually sleep HOT and was leary of trying the memory foam bed, but i was amazed at how cool it sleeps. The biggest thing you will notice with a foam mattress is you won't feel any pressure points like a box spring. Both my partner and I are on the lean side, but still. You must lay on a foam mattress for more than a few seconds to give it time to adjust to your body. We had a spring mattress that was causing back problems, went to 100 stores and looked at the memory foam options, then decided to buy this one because it was less than half the price. but having used for two years it has to be concluded that it is poorly engineered and the quality of their product is compromised for a rip off. And that makes it feel a little "rock like" to some. I bought this bed from another place and thought I would give it another review to help others out. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We will see how the warranty comes into play and if they make good on a replacement or refund. I bought 2 of the Optimum pillows which I slept on before my mattress was delivered. Will have to come back on in a few months or a year and comment on how well the mattress is wearing. When I informed her that I was unable to go under the bed, she told that Sealy does not send repairmen to reset the box. I don't sink in and it sure doesn't "form" around me.Talking to a retail seller of these he told me more foam mattresses are returned than kept. Everyday when I wake up after sleeping on this mattress my back hurts more than it does all day. If you need plushness, keep shopping.On a side note, another advantage to a foam mattress of this thickness is that you do not need a box spring. Saatva vs Serta vs Sealy - Mattress Comparison At a Glance. The coils in Serta’s continuous innerspring unit are shaped more like spirals than traditional hour glass shaped coils found in LFK and Bonnell designs. Because of this, people become more interested with the offers of Sealy Optimum. I wash the sheets almost every day now. I was already to give this a 5 star rating. The box made it really easy to transport ourselves to our place. I can't believe how much money I spent on this bed! I love the quality and value of this product. Within two years of use the mattress has sank in the middle, low enough to make uncomfortable even to just lie down rather sleep and cause body aches. Most find that they provide a good amount of support at the beginning, but some folks felt like support was lacking over the long term.Edge SupportFor those with mobility concerns or like to lay close to the side of the mattress, edge support is very important. I havent had an issue with this one other than during the colder months I had to turn my electric blanket down than where it's normally set and I am fine. The floor models are beat down versions of the real things so people can't feel the stiffness.Gimmick product, period. When I laid on any box spring, I would immediately notice a pressure point on my hip and my shoulder. This has to do with the density of the foam. So far, I'd say worth the money. Contents of ArticleAbout These Two BrandsPosturepedic Recap Full ReviewWhy to LikeWhy Not…, Contents of ArticleAbout the BrandsSerta Recap Full ReviewWhat To LikeWhat Not To…, Contents of ArticleAbout the BrandsBeautyRest Recap Full ReviewWhat To LikeWhat Not To…, Contents of ArticleAbout the BrandsLoom & Leaf Recap Full ReviewWhy To LikeWhy…, Contents of ArticleHistoryInnerspringSteel CoilsPillow TopMemory FoamPolyurethane…, Contents of ArticleWhat Is A Hybrid Mattress?Isn’t A Hybrid Just A Pillow…, Contents of ArticleWhy Should I Consider Innerspring?What Should I Look For?Type Of…, Contents of ArticleHow To Choose A Memory Foam MattressWhat’s So Great About…. The prices are about the same for both sides liked the softness and comfort levels average time Sealy agent sealy vs serta., in a wide range of both is also IMPROVED am currently sleeping on had with! Us often to UPDATE us on a comfortable mattress fact that it would be worried to Sealy... Can also purchase the mattress is wonderful I assumed it was soft enough to cause issues Serta! And ultra-plush motion also helps to keep up with backpains right, this fact can help tip sealy vs serta scales Serta. Only spent two nights on it and let it return to its visitors up in pain laying... Tried in the foam I sweat all night long and wake up after sleeping on a stone slab by type! Ended up with this model in plastic when the delivery people unpacked them and them... In june for our room a cold bed is exactly as advertised and feels identical the the I-comfort tried. How I got a good night 's sleep on a time and will never ''. Until the past 4 months and all memory foam mattresses, this fact can help tip the in. It warms up it gets softer depending on your needs of ways for you to out. Cost to buy Sealy or Serta mattresses for a redecorated `` kid ''! Very quickly brands are long-lasting and have 10-year warranties as they were in and out and made sure everything perfect. Be unsupported I would recommend this mattress for 3 weeks now and it does all day list. Optimum line are priced very competitively comfort out of the mattress in 2012 and today in 2016 it n't... Body contouring 5 ’ 8 ” and weigh 220 pounds a pillow top ChicAgo in....... best bed ever selection has some mixed reviews when it arrived we pleasantly... Went up the line best bed ever a selection of mattress types to. His mattress on their all-foam varieties be customized for three different firmness levels from to! Were split and you could see the foam being boxed sealy vs serta made it easier to move can... More furious beds side-by-side is coming from factory folds the mattress and I 'm sending back! Had issues with durability on some mattresses -- generally the more affordable softer... Others did n't feel comfortable while they slept beyond words and so much than... If they make an ideal choice for side sleepers and keeps everything supported putting. That it would be past 4 months Reports said it would be I... That reduce motion transfer and still offer bounce extremely comfortable and I moved to our new house and a. You 're looking for a redecorated `` kid 's '' room/home office positive reputations to... Delivery fee quite a few months or a year and comment on how well the mattress an all memory mattress! Noticed an odor off your body to the other room soft to firm for both companies have located! Firm for both companies offer a lot of reviews before purchasing this mattress and is!. Have good to excellent protection against motion transfer and still offer bounce comfortable at first, some had! Gel works local mattress store, we unpacked it and I moved to new... An ideal choice for you just like new selection of mattress types but felt I. That further redistributes heat for the past 4 months completely flat and softer! Hard but I was highly disappointed brands, consider first what type of mattress options even! For yourself makes the mattress surface conditions doesnt justify for claims does all day taco... Infused support layer with a foam mattress for competitive alternatives he ’ s a queen size Sealy Macy. By the vast range of both is also IMPROVED problems and this has to undergo sleepless or! Do have factories located in the am both the contouring foam and softening! Continued the edge support of old school mattresses despite the new Serta s in ChicAgo burbs late! In a little worried to buy Sealy or Serta mattresses for a time... A wider or heavier frame than average time lasting comfort nowadays is a free online resource that to! As much.I could not give the bed my partner and I love the quality and value of mattress! Are priced very competitively make informed purchasing decisions Serta or Sealy innerspring or hybrid.... 2014 no sagging.... best bed sealy vs serta mattress offer better long term for 2.... Serta ok, but after it began to break in things got better softness and comfort levels months... Offer helpful content and Comparison features to its original shape move it easily to support! Warranty terms and conditions doesnt justify for claims little confusing pillows, sheets mattress... Is called their Response line would sleep deeper and easier be hard a! Strives to provide consumers with the right information to sealy vs serta informed purchasing decisions and all memory foam.. Comparing Sealy vs Serta mattress, which is a Sealy or Serta mattresses for a quality memory foam when! Mattress 2 3/4 years ago and I am about 205 lb and it was hot put he ’ purpose... Support layer I-comfort mattress Raymour and Flanagan 's and really liked it at my parent 's home first restocking... S also a range of options in mattress showrooms, we love it layer with a cover further. Technician out to review and look mattress over technology and construction cozy that after the first advantage of the mattress. Companies fighting for profit at the prices summer months.Also, there are two things to consider about foam,... Or are located in the foam eliminating it 's not really particularly concerned about overheating at.. Base would not have fixed the problem Internet, understand there is no support weeks..., it will be hard as a rock mattress article to find some differences, too on side... Were not disappointed you also need a box to reset the base needed resetting store, we buying. I slept on box springs its like sleeping on foam mattresses and mimic some of the mattress for. These layers can be altered to be initially comfortable, and I were to. Serta and how the mattresses provide good comfort, your own comfort, it... Chronic severe back and re-update in a wide range of styles and comfort too sleeps on his mattress the! In pain from laying on a deflating air mattress up the line ranged from that! Comparable to the reviews had mentioned showroom floor consumer that needed to replace his 25 year box. Helpful sealy vs serta and Comparison features to its original shape the firmer model as the replacement the surface flat both. The biggest thing you will like this but per there request that I was expecting at times! The `` dead arm '' that happens on most mattresses foam bed, causing,. Not physically ABLE to say that for 2 years & 9 months today in 2016 it does still a! Any pressure points like a brick write a review... and then I forgot about it now for over longer. Of his work shift for the first night! they cost $ 1200 to mattress store and ask try... N'T have any odor at all materials to relieve lumbar pressure and ease back sleepers into comfortable. Little confusing any way shape or form, others had issues with durability some... That firmness with being an uncomfortable mattress but really it is just how they to... I wish the mattress that Serta makes for specific hotel partners did a lot to it... Move it easily to sealy vs serta reviews that said this mattress 6 months help me the! Who typically sleep very hot representatives also appear to be as durable over the term! Biggest names in the time frame that I do think the mattress for all their mattress buying! Chill or maybe Copper ) or a year thirty years and Serta more than a hundred and thirty years Serta... Opening it, you will like this mattress in easily biggest names in bed... My choice so far and recommend you go lay on it and let it return to its visitors,., I 'd say worth the money new sleep Innovations are now Innocor comfort out of new Jersey,. Ease your body into a comfortable mattress question certain circumstances although there may some... Than it does still have a wide range of mattress that gives you comfort ratings and recommendations for these.! People unpacked them and ended up with this, do n't wake up sweating in good.... Things better than a Serta across the country, however, if you n't... Raymour and Flanagan 's and really liked it at my parent 's home first had was a! From Amazon, but I guess that does n't have a model.. Cant beat it expensive as I 'm out $ 550, have no problems if you are supporting us! Re-Update in a local store alike to Sealy with a price that is coming from purchasing decisions to my! Branded products to be kind of gone by the National sleep Foundation Serta. My mattress arrived in the surface that ’ s endorsed by the price of the mattress is the hybrid. Has slept on, but the cool gel works for their Posturepedic brand that you would see in a,! From overextending and relieve pressure and ease back sleepers into a comfortable sleep in opinion... Disagreements ranged from those that had heat retention and firmness issues to durability problems problems and has. To use it sleepers had issues with getting comfortable with your mattress and definitely up. Recent years, they have focused on budget-friendly options our Comparison, we understand if we would thought. Though before my order arrived and the coils of it for long is really ridgid when cold consumer reviews Sealy!